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Removal of pigments / microblading / permanent makeup

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refers to Microblading & Permanent Makeup

SC colorX & SC colorLight

Professional removal of pigments

The removal of cosmetic permanent makeup is only performed by trained and experienced depigmentologists. 

What if a permanent makeup or microblading treatment isn't what it's supposed to be? Depending on the degree of difficulty of the distortion, one or more treatments are necessary to remove the pigments from the skin again. In a detailed consultation, we determine which removal method is the most suitable.

All incorporated pigments can be removed from the eyebrows and lips with SC colorX or lightened with SC colorLight. Pigments are lightened when the shape of the PMU or microblading treatment is correct, but the colors used are too dark. In addition, the result can be improved if the colors heal in a different shade.

This treatment is very gentle on the skin and painless. After each treatment, the color gradually becomes lighter and lighter until it has completely faded at the end. Several sessions are required to completely remove permanent makeup. How many there are in the end depends on the colour, the type and depth of the pigment application and the skin's ability to react.

There is a period of 4-6 weeks between the individual treatments. After each treatment, you will receive a detailed aftercare plan tailored to you.

The first treatment including consultation and work costs CHF 250.- 
All other treatments cost CHF 190.-

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