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Henna Brows

information for my customers

Brow Henna is a natural henna color for eyebrows with a tattoo effect. ... The Brow Henna method was specially developed for eyebrows that have lost their shape over time and are "exhausted" due to frequent plucking and require everyday care and styling from you.

Quite wide and well-groomed eyebrows are currently in trend. For those who are not yet sure about permanent make-up or microblading, eyebrow tinting with henna is a good preparation.

The method is also ideal for allergy sufferers, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. Also for women who simply don't find the time in the morning to apply make-up to their eyebrows again and again and like it to be uncomplicated over the long term. The method is just a perfect relief!

By changing the shape of your eyebrows, you not only change your appearance, but also your self-confidence.

Eyebrow coloring Henna Brows gives the eye area more dynamic, gives your face the right frame, emphasizes the strengths and hides the flaws!

  • 2 Std.

    70 Swiss francs

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