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Are you afraid of needles? Then you have to take a deep breath in and out. With so-called microneedling, several small needles are pricked into the skin at the same time. What sounds like torture is actually a very popular beauty treatment that can now be performed at most beauty salons and dermatologists' offices. It is said to refine the complexion, reduce acne, fade scars and even out wrinkles.

With microneedling, several small needles are inserted into the upper layer of skin.

This inflicts small injuries on the skin so that it drives regeneration itself.

With microneedling, the complexion can be refined, the skin regained its resilience and elasticity, and small wrinkles and scars are repaired.

What is microneedling exactly?

Microneedling (also called mesotherapy) is a cosmetic treatment. A microneedling pen, which has several fine needles, is run over the skin several times.

Basically, the skin is inflicted with the finest injuries.

But what is the meaning behind it?

The wounds are fed only to the epidermis and do not get into the deep layers of the skin. This prevents damage to the deep skin layers and the upper skin layer is stimulated to regenerate. The skin is almost forced by the small injuries to heal the small wounds.

This regeneration process stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid - all three are important for healthy, plump, even skin.

Who is microneedling suitable for and what effect does it have?

Microneedling is basically suitable for everyone who wants to refine their complexion and give the skin more elasticity. It is usually used on the face, but it can also be used on the body or scalp if you prefer.

However, the respective effect depends primarily on the length of the needles. Depending on how deep the needle penetrates the skin, it can affect the skin differently and solve various unwanted "skin problems".


Skin refinement

Do you have large pores and a rather uneven complexion? Microneedling has a refining effect on the skin and ensures that the skin looks more even and radiant shortly after use. Pigment spots can also be optically compensated by the treatment. For a lasting improvement in the complexion, however, you should repeat the application more often, because only then will structural damage be permanently repaired.


Do you have sagging connective tissue? With microneedling, the skin looks plumper and firmer after the treatment. The whole thing is particularly suitable for anyone who wants a treatment with an anti-aging effect. The small injuries in the skin stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. These substances are particularly important for the elasticity of the skin.

In addition, the skin is particularly permeable after the treatment and can thus better absorb the active ingredients of serums. Therefore, after using a microneedling, active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and vitamins should always be applied, which can then penetrate deep into the skin and have a better effect there.


Are small wrinkles already visible? You can treat this with microneedling and make the skin firmer and plumper again. Small wrinkles are evened out and optically minimized. The microneedling pen is particularly suitable for areas such as the eye area or the upper lip, as it works in a very targeted manner. Note, however, that microneedling is not a miracle cure that magically erases deep nasolabial folds or frown lines.

Acne scars and other scars

Do you have acne scars or other small scars that you want to make go away? Microneedling can also be a solution in this case. The structure of the epidermis is changed by the treatment and scars become optically paler and more even. Note, however, that the deeper the scar, the more difficult the treatment. And even active acne cannot be treated with the needles. Talk to the treating beautician or doctor about your scars before the treatment and discuss your treatment options.

stretch marks and cellulite

Are you bothered by your stretch marks or cellulite? Microneedling can also be used on the body. However, deeper needles are used here because the skin in these areas is significantly thicker than on the face.

hair loss

Is your hair getting thinner and lighter? This can have hereditary as well as hormonal or stress-related reasons. Microneedling can also be an effective treatment in this case. The small needle pricks stimulate blood circulation and activate hair growth. With regular treatment, new hair can sprout again.


Is microneedling effective?

Microneedling has been on everyone's lips for some time and many Hollywood stars swear by the prickly treatment with the fine needles. This method helps to make the skin more permeable so that it can then better absorb creams and serums.

For a significant and lasting improvement in the complexion, the treatment must be repeated several times. Small wrinkles and scars, loose connective tissue, large pores and bumps in the skin can definitely be treated well with microneedling. In the case of particularly deep wrinkles, scars and extremely slack tissue, the cosmetic treatment cannot work miracles.

What are the disadvantages and risks of microneedling?

The risks of treatment are manageable. For example, sunburn or pigment disorders can occur after the treatment if adequate sun protection has not been applied. Incidentally, people with skin diseases such as rosacaea or acne are generally advised against microneedling.

How does a treatment work?

A microneedling treatment usually consists of five steps. However, the first time you should plan a little more time for a preliminary talk, where your skin problems will be discussed and your skin will be analyzed. The treatment usually lasts 1 hour.​

  1. Cleaning: Before the skin is inflicted with small injuries, it must of course be thoroughly cleaned. This prevents dirt or bacteria from getting into the wounds.

  2. Serum: In most cases, a care serum is worked in at the same time. This is often a vitamin C serum. However, this can vary depending on the condition of the skin and the desired effect.

  3. Needling: Now it's time to prick. The beautician runs the needling pen over the skin several times. 

  4. Care: When the worst part is over, the skin is very irritated. Now she needs to be soothed and cared for. A serum or sheet mask will do the job.

  5. Sun protection: Before you leave the practice, UV protection must be applied in any case, because your skin is very sensitive at the moment and can get sunburned more quickly (also in winter, by the way).


How painful is microneedling?

It always depends on your own pain perception.

How fast does microneedling work?

With the microneedling treatment you can see the first results relatively quickly. Immediately after the application, the skin is still very red and burns a bit, but it already looks a bit plumper and fresher.

Especially with wrinkles, scars or loose connective tissue, it takes several sessions to see a change. It can take up to ten treatments before you see a real difference.

How often you should repeat the application depends entirely on your skin and your desired results. If you only want to give the skin some freshness and evenness, two to four sessions are sufficient.

For larger "little problems" such as wrinkles or scars, it can also be up to ten sessions. You should discuss what makes sense in your case with your beautician or dermatologist.

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