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PBM Academy

Microblading training with diploma CHF 2750.-

Getting trained as a microblading artist will have a revenue-boosting effect. Even if you already offer permanent make-up, microblading is a good addition for all customers who do not want their eyebrows to be optically beautified with a pigmentation device, but rather by hand. After the professional training at the PBM Academy, you will be able to ensure that the hairs do not run into the skin, but the hairs remain very fine. This allows you to generate more sales with microblading training in no time at all. In the microblading training you will be familiarized step by step with the responsible tasks of microblading. The 3-day microblading training is also designed for participants who are inexperienced in microblading. The lessons therefore begin with the skin analysis and all the basics of microblading, which are taught by an experienced trainer in a technically well-founded and easily understandable manner. The sign exercises for the shape of the eyebrows and the natural course of the fine hair drawing are particularly important for microblading. At the same time, the basics of color theory and the measurement technique according to the "golden ratio" follow.

Microblading training combines theory with practice

After the theoretical basics of microblading have been taught, an extensive practical part of the microblading training is on the program. In practice, work is first carried out on near-natural artificial skins under supervision and supervision before microblading on "real people" begins. By practicing on the model, you will become particularly confident in handling the handpiece, so that after the training you can include microblading as an offer in your cosmetics program.

Permanent makeup training
with diploma CHF 3880.-

Permanent make-up – i.e. facial beautification that lasts for several years, especially eyebrows, eyeliner and lips – is a service in the cosmetics industry that opens up particularly lucrative income prospects. You can learn the necessary professional skills at the PBM Academy in a compact, individual, practical form and in a very personal atmosphere.

Become part of the local and international PMU family and receive the continuous personal support to increase your own success rate and promote professional development. 

The PBM Academy in Bern has been offering high-quality training programs in the field of permanent make-up for over 2 years. Practical training with high-quality products and educational opportunities at an international level. High-quality training and further education through the latest technologies and innovations, which are continuously integrated into our training modules.

In an individual training, the PBM Academy places the high quality standards of a PMU stylist as the first priority. The PBM Academy offers a precise, individual training plan which offers a business-oriented mix of theory and high practical training with live models. Thanks to our theoretical module, you can safely start your PMU success from home. The specially trained trainer also accompanies you after the training, depending on your wishes, by email or telephone. Models can also be treated after training at PBM accompanied by the trainer.


Your advantages at a glance

You and your personal learning success are our focus

Quality and safety are the top priorities in our training courses

We pass on our detailed specialist knowledge in theory and practice to you in order to prepare you optimally for your career and train you thoroughly

You work with the certified pigments and products developed and manufactured by us

After completing your training, your trainer will look after you individually and personally

Tattoo removal with diploma CHF 660.-

With well-founded specialist knowledge and patience, it is quite possible to remove the pigments in the skin (one to several sessions) with the help of the SC Colorx or

Remove SC Colorlight. Here you will learn the technique through theory and practice. 

This technique is intended for all permanent and/or microblading stylists who want to continue offering services in the salon.
You may think that the most popular removal method is the laser. That's correct! However, since the laser cannot recognize many colors (beige, yellow, white, orange, yellow-green and some red tones), it quickly reaches its limits.

After a few laser sessions, sufficient contrast to the skin is often no longer visible, making laser removal less effective and sometimes ineffective.
Under the laser beam, white and beige pigments change color to dirty green-grey to black tones. These can then no longer be removed. This applies to all pigments that have been mixed on the basis of white or beige.
Great care should be taken when removing acrylate based pigments. These pigments can melt under the laser beam and cause internal skin burns and subsequent scarring.


Make-up artist according to modules with diploma

In this compact make-up artist course, you will learn all the skills you need to apply make-up to your customers. At the end of the course, you will be able to create modern evening and gala make-up and inspire your customers with beautiful bridal make-up. Do you want to improve in a specific area and gain know-how? Then the individual modules are just right for you.

Module basic basis 3 days CHF 1980.-

Module Smokey Eyes 1 day CHF 660.-

Module Cut Crease 1 day CHF 660.-

Module Lebanese style 3 days CHF 1980.-

Module mature skin 1 day 660.-

Module wedding make-up 2 days 1320.-

Augen und Augenbrauen

Lash lifting with diploma CHF 660.-

The Lash Lifting training from PBM Academy includes all relevant topics for eyelash lifting: preparation, application techniques, design options, troubleshooting, tips and tricks, care instructions, hygiene, legal issues, liability insurance, etc.
Due to the intensive support, the learning content of the Eyelash Lifting Academy can be conveyed perfectly. Immediately after the training you will receive your personal certificate and training documents so that you can look up content at home.
Course of the eyelash lifting training:

  • Welcome, theory, 1st exercise unit, 2nd exercise unit, review of the learning content, presentation of the certificate, farewell

  • in the two practice sessions you will work on a model to design your first lash lift.

  • You bring a model to class day.

Jetzt Dein Kurs buchen!

  • Microblading Ausbildung mit Diplom

    Ideal für Einsteiger
    Valid for 2 months
    • 6h Theorie
    • 3 volle Tage Praxisübungen
    • Diplom
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